12 Years Ago A Stray Pup Walked Into A Town — What Followed Put Him Straight In The History Books


If you travel up Highway 84 from Lake Country to the small town of Longville, you may well have heard of Bruno.

Bruno looks like your run of the mill loveable dog. But he has actually become quite notorious in the area.

The wolf-like pup takes himself on a 4-mile commute from his home to the small town.

Bruno was found as a stray pup by a man passing the home of the LaVallees family just outside of town. The man thought the dog belonged to them and nobody knew where the dog came from. But when they realised Bruno was a stray, they decided to keep him.

It turns out that the LaVallees aren’t the only people who love Bruno, the whole town have taken him under their wings.

Bruno isn’t the type of dog that can just relax indoors or be tied up in the yard so the LaVallee family allowed Bruno to wander free. This is when the dog decided to make friends with the townsfolk.

Bruno has now become the “town dog and ambassador”. He’s loved and fed by all and has become the mascot in Longville.

Bless the family for taking in the stray, the whole of the town is thrilled!

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