92-Year-Old Causes‘Disturbance’ At Bank. WhatCop Does Next Had MeIn Tears


When officers responded to a disturbance at the Bank of America in Montebello, California, they didn’t
know what to expect. Police getting called to a bank automatically makes us think of bank robberies and
dangerous criminals. What they found instead was much less threatening.
Jesus Rangel, 92, had come in to try to withdraw some money from his account, but when bank tellers
explained that his California identification card was expired and they couldn’t give him his money, Rangel
got understandably frustrated and upset.
The officers could have written him up or even arrested him for the disturbance he caused at the bank
that Friday morning, but they recognized that the elderly gentleman was confused and afraid and decided
to take a different route.
Showing incredible compassion and empathy, Officer Robert Josett drove Rangel to the DMV so he could
get his card renewed. Once that was done, he took him back to the bank and waited to make sure he
could access his money.
Grateful for the kindness Officer Josett had shown, Rangel thanked him and then continued on with his


A Facebook post from the Montebello Police Department telling the story of Officer Josett’s kindness
quickly went viral, racking up hundreds of thousands of likes and shares. At a time when many are
suspicious of police, people were touched to see the kindness and compassion Josett displayed as he
handled the situation.
“We often hear only bad news of officers,” wrote Maria E. Luna. “We can’t judge everyone the same.
Officer Robert Josett, thank you so much for helping this elderly man.”

We can learn some valuable lessons from this heartwarming story:

First, try to understand where someone is coming from and then go the extra mile to help them out.

Secondly, a little kindness and compassion don’t cost us much, but they can mean everything to someone else. It never hurts to show a little kindness!

Thank you, Officer Josett, for setting such a good example of how humans should treat each other! We hope people will hear your story and be inspired to do the same!

We all have a little good inside us. So share it!

Source: http://native-americans.club


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