Debate Emerges After Native American Woman Tells Black Woman to ‘Keep Hands Off Our Culture’


Cheyanne’s PSA referencing rapper Omerettà The Great (right) spurred a chain reaction of comments online. (@N8VChey/@omeretta4l)

When a Native American woman slammed a Black woman’s appropriation of her culture, Black Twitter users immediately took issue with the memo.

The back-and-forth began when a woman named Cheyanne tweeted a PSA Monday, Aug. 7 slamming a photo of rapper Omerettà The Great posing in a costume likened to Pocahontas.

The subject of cultural appropriation is typically hurled at white people from nonwhite people, as has been the case in several situations involving the Kardashian-Jenner clan. However, Cheyanne pointed out that cultural appropriation can strictly involve nonwhite groups, too.

Several pointed out that Afro Indigenous people, individuals with mixed Black and Native American ancestry, have existed in the U.S.



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