Members of Native American Tribe Turn Down $267,000 Per Person To Allow Pipeline To Be Built Through Their Land


The Lax Kw’alaams Band, a Canadian First Nations group, was reportedly offered $267,000 per person to allow a natural gas pipeline and oil refinery setup shop on their land. They refused the offer without any further compromise.

According to Bloomberg, backers of Malaysian multi billion dollar oil company, Petronas, and its partners (China Petrochemical Corp., Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Indian Oil Corp. and Brunei National Petroleum Co.) offered the 3,600 members a total of $960 million if they would allow the construction of the $30 billion dollar Pacific

North West LNG terminal and Prince Rupert gas pipeline
After the band turned the company down unanimously they released the following statement;

“This is not a money issue: this is environmentaland cultural.”

In Canada, Native groups have more control over their lands and resources than others. The Lax Kw’alaams group is concerned with the destruction of the land and contamination of the water. The backers have hired scientists who claim that it would not have any negative effect to the area environmentally, but they aren’t buying it.

In a world corrupted by the power of money, there is nothing more powerful than those who refuse to be bought.
There is nothing more beautiful than people who refuse to sell their ethics and morals.

 When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money.

Are you tired of the same old propaganda from mainstream media outlets, and even many alternative media outlets? Are you more concerned with learning than being entertained?



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