Nasa got sick of all conspiracy theories and released 10,000+ photos from the apollo moon mission


We always come across some or other conspiracy theories in the social media. If it’s not the alien attack it would be on Harry Potter sequels. There are a lot of theories floating around on almost every subject but no one has been able to provide any proof on the matter.

Like wise, there were many conspiracy theories that the moon landing was falsified and cast out. Many good points are usually brought up on things like, why haven’t we gone back and how it might have been a scam intended to let The US get one in over Russia.

However, in 2015, NASA  finally had enough and decided to release over 10,000 photos from the Apollo Moon mission. Check out few of those below.

The Check

An astronaut on work.

The Moon Landing

The most iconic picture of all times.


This is the Apollo 17 Lunar Module.

The Third Stage

It is the third stage in Apollo 12 s IVB.

The Astronaut and his Vehicle

Global Galaxy extra vehicular activity Apollo 17, 1972.

The Moon

This is how plains on the moon look like.


A picture of the Apollo project archive.

The Moon Walk

Picture of Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon.

Space Mision

A picture of Apollo 11.

One Of A Kind

A picture of the shuttle from the moon.

Astronaut In Action

Another picture showing their activities on the moon.

Keep checking this space for more released pictures…



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