Native Americans Began Their Dance, Marine Interrupts With Move No One Saw Coming


Everyone in the audience is shocked when this Marine, in his Dress Blues and all, starts participating a sacred war dance during the Iowa Nation Powwow. Along with the leader of the dance, who’s also dressed impressively, in a beautifully ornate headdress, he stomps and spins perfectly on beat. This Marine clearly knows all of the steps by heart!

Most people don’t realize that Native Americans have long been an important part of the United States Armed Forces. The Native American “Code Talkers” were a vital part of both of the World Wars, using their native languages to transmit secret messages to the Allied Forces all around the world. Native American men and women, just like this brave Marine, have made their presence known in the Armed Forces over the decades and all United States citizens should be grateful.

The usually rigid Marine lets loose for a brief second during the Powwow and it gives us a fascinating glimpse into his deep and complex life. We can see the free-spirited, tradition-minded side of him and the strict Marine side in this interesting video!




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