People Thought He Was Insane When He Built A 30-Inch Tube Around His Home. Now They Wish They’d Done The Same!


Last year Randy Wagner of Rosharon, Texas, heard the announcement of the upcoming unprecedented flood in his region. Unlike many others who were simply waiting for their fate, the man decided to take action.

Randy looked on the Internet for possible solutions and found a Lousiana-based company AquaDam. He spent $8,300 and bought their product, studied an instruction, and began the installation.

Neighbors were shocked when they saw what Randy was doing in his garden. According to him, they thought he was crazy. However, when the flood began, they regretted that they hadn’t done the same!

What’s AquaDam? It’s a long plastic and fabric tube filled with water. It protects the house from the flood. Just take a look at the amazing pictures in the video below:



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