Punish teenager that stuffed puppy in plastic bottle and laughed!


Patzcuaro, Mexico: The images of a terrified puppy being stuffed in a tiny plastic bottle have gone viral shortly after being posted on social media. The disturbing pictures were uploaded online by Facebook user Ismael Avila.

What surprises Pepsi bottles bring – was the caption of one of the photos.

In the comments thread, the heartless teen explained how he managed to introduce the puppy inside the bottle: Where the Pepsi label is stamped, we made an incision, we introduced the puppy and then covered it all up by putting the label back where it was.

One of the photos that was posted online by Ismael Avila

Many of Avila’s friends rushed to give likes and show their appreciation, but all of this was followed by a storm of critics.

The teen seems to be having a great time, with no regards for the puppy

Avila ended up deleting the photo and shutting down his Facebook account, but not before issuing an apology and claiming he was not the one responsible for this act:

I am sorry for all of this. The photo does not belong to me, my account has been hacked. I love animals and would never hurt them – the message said. He failed to offer any proof of his claims, however.

The photos were distributed instantly on social media

It was also speculated that Ismael Avila had close ties with the authorities in Patzcuaro, as several photos show the attacker next to some very powerful people, including the mayor of Patzcuaro, Salma Karrum. In the meantime, the Patzcuaro City Council issued a press statement, denying any connections with Avila.

Please help bring this monster to justice before more animals are harmed. His actions are unacceptable and must have consequences.

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Source: http://newsamericantoday.com 


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