Redskins Keep “Offensive” Name. Native Americans Don’t Give a Rodent’s Hind End…


Remember how Native Americans are enraged over certain sports team names? Me neither. But white skinned SJWs want every chance to virtue signal over red skinned athletic naming (see Student Humiliated for Wearing Blackhawks Sweatshirt to Class and Liberals at ESPN: Native Americans Too Dumb to Know ‘Redskins’ is Offensive…). This could be explained by snowflakes’ feelings of inadequacy concerning their nonathleticness. Who wouldn’t be ashamed at the lack of strength to lift a 3-pound dumbbell?

The Huffington Post has provided today’s giggle-worthy pullquotes.

The NFL franchise in Washington, D.C., received a major boost in its fight to save its controversial “Redskins” name Monday morning, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling in a separate legal dispute.

At issue is the team’s federal trademark protections for the nickname, which Native American activists have described as a “dictionary-defined racial slur.” The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board invalidated those trademark protections in 2014, ruling that the name was “disparaging to Native Americans” and thus violated a clause in a federal trademark law.

The Supreme Court, however, struck down that clause Monday, ruling that the law’s prohibition on providing federal trademarks for disparaging terms or logos violated the First Amendment’s free speech protections.

The ruling is another major setback for Native Americans who have fought to change the team’s name for nearly 50 years.

Interesting. So HuffPo thinks themselves the warriors for the American Indian/Indigenous Peoples. Advocating that American Indians/Indigenous Peoples should be offended over the “Redskins” controversy which isn’t an actual controversy.

Excellent point here. The same right that allows someone to find offense at names, is the same right that allows for that name. In the industry, we call this a “two way street.” Better left uncrossed by chickens or social justice jihadists. The difference is a subtle one.

To celebrate, bob-O, the Twitter Navajo, will be offering free haircuts. Caution: minor scalping may occur. It’s a joke because not all American Indians are as stiff as HuffPost liberal stick in the mugs.

Twitter user bob-O has a point. The same people who’re hot and bothered about “Redskins” are the same people who laud Elizabeth Warren, best known for her dabbling in Native American ancestry for her own gain. In the industry, we call this “irony.” Also “being a selfish be-yotch.”

So the score stands: 1 point free speech. Zero points to liberal douchenozzles.

For looksies into original Native American practices…



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