This Beautiful Cat Has A Fluffy Sidekick And It’s Too Adorable To Miss!


This is the story of Momo the cat and his best friend, a fluffy furball called Moko, the bunny! They these guys are like old couples you know, where they’ve known each other for over 50 years! Trust me, you won’t believe me but people in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan have seen these two mammals and best friends always walking together.

Moko and Momo live in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan and from the looks of this video they do look like a married old couple sharing their everyday life stories with each other! Although this is an odd couple, they’re looking just too adorable walking together ?

Take a look at this super cute video below!


Cats and bunnies, years ago they’d be chasing each other, but today they’ve learned that it’s not your instincts, its your heart that you follow. This cat and bunny have set an example for humans to follow. It doesn’t matter what people will think when they see you with an unlikely person. What matters is that you’re happy and they’re happy.

Although the video is not in English, I just can’t but see these two adorable beings just walking together not caring about what others would think and how the world would react. Whether this is love or just friendship it really doesn’t matter because what they’ve showed us now is an ability only some humans possess.

I hope we do learn a few things from them and that we utilize them to become better persons ? If you’ve seen this video, don’t forget to share it with everyone you know because with awareness we can make the world a better place to live in ? Cheers!



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